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​​​​​​    As a young boy, I struggled finding an extra-curricular activity that suited me. At the age of seven, I joined a competitive gymnastics team by chance, and discovered that my natural talents were able to flourish in an acrobatic environment. Shortly after joining, I was set apart from the other boys due to my extreme flexibility, a skill that is not typically seen in men’s artistic gymnastics.

    Circus slapped me in the face at the age of nine, inspiring me like nothing I had ever seen before. Upon exiting the theatre of La Nouba in Orlando, Florida, I turned to my parents and told them that I would become a professional circus artist one day. From then on, circus was the main focus of my life, even though I continued competitive gymnastics, winning state, regional, and national titles.

    At the age of fifteen, I left my home in Houston, Texas to pursue my dreams and attend the National Circus School’s high school program in Montréal. There, I discovered my love for handstands, and eventually entered their college program to study full-time as a hand balancing contortionist.

    Today, I am nineteen years old, set to graduate from the National Circus School in June of 2016; it is with eager eyes that I look at the world of contemporary circus, finally able to attain my goals of travelling the world as a professional circus artist.